Walking on the island of Groix

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Cycling tours

Cycling on the island of Groix

On foot or by bike, discover the houses here, low and pretty, with plastered walls and shimmering colours. Stroll from the bustling Port Tudy to the charming Port Lay, passing through the hilly Port Saint Nicolas, tinted pink and red, and lose yourself in the picturesque winding streets of the gentle little port of Locmaria. Cross the moors from Pen Men to Trou de l'Enfer along the paths of the island's wildest coastline, strewn with gorse and heather on the cliffside...
Kervédan, Lomener, Keloret, Locmaria, Kermarec... the island of Groix is dotted with pretty market towns with names that are reminiscent of Brittany. Cycle through them, past rows of traditional granite houses with blue, grey or pink shutters. You can tell which one you're passing by the signs on the pavement or on the stones at the crossroads. It's a tried and tested signposting system. Cycling is the perfect way to discover the 40km of paths that criss-cross the island. Bikes and electric bikes (and even tandems) can be hired at Port-Tudy, just a stone's throw from the hotel. There are special car parks where you can leave your bikes and make a loop on foot, as the coastal paths are too fragile to be used on two wheels.

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Walking tours

Your walks on the island of Groix

The island is also a paradise for walkers. As a Natura 2000 site, it is protected and all walkers should follow a few common-sense guidelines, such as not taking any flowers, minerals or sand. The choice of routes, made with the support of the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre du Morbihan, takes into account the interest of the coastal and inland landscapes, the local heritage and villages, the distance of the loops...
There are three circuits to choose from: the Pen Men circuit (10 km), the Trou de l'Enfer circuit (14 km) and the Pointe des Chats circuit (11 km). For each loop, there are two variants to discover the interior of the island. At the same time, the Tour de l'île de Groix (27 km) is an extension of the GR 34, the emblematic customs path (red and white markings mark the route).