from our hotel on the island of Groix in Brittany

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A compendium of Breton beauty

Groix island hotel Brittany

From the moment you disembark at Port-Tudy, where our hotel is located, you'll be able to feel the uniqueness of Groix, an exceptionally beautiful land rich in history. To find out more, there's nothing better than discovering its most beautiful sites. Nicknamed the "garnet island", the island of Groix reveals many wonders.

François le Bail nature reserve

Created in 1982, it is the only geological nature reserve of mineralogical interest in France. It comprises two sectors: the Pen Men-Beg Melen sector, with its cliffs of great geological interest and beautiful stretches of grassland and coastal moorland, and the Locqueltas to Pointe des Chats sector, comprising a narrow coastal strip as far as the customs officers' path and the rocky foreshore. It is also an ornithological reserve.
The Maison de la Réserve, located in Le Bourg (10 minutes' cycle ride from the hotel), will help you discover the island's heritage.

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Natura 2000

Groix is characterised by a major difference between the east and west of the island. On one side, moorland with European gorse and vagrant or ashy heather, on the other, embryonic or mobile dunes, including the Grands Sables beach, unique in Europe for its displacement and convex shape. Natura 2000 in Groix means preserving a very rich natural heritage, recognised at European level.

The Coastal Protection Agency

The wild coastline and the Fort du Grognon site to the north-west of the island are owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral, which also helps to protect the island's cultural heritage.

The Groix Black Bee Conservatory

As on Ushant and Belle-Île, amateur beekeepers on the island of Groix have formed an association to set up a conservatory to protect and conserve the typical characteristics of the Groix black bee.