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Hotel on the island of Groix

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Island of Groix

Wild charm

Just 45 minutes from Lorient, the island of Groix is a natural mineral miracle born of a geological caprice that is extremely rare on the planet, and the source of more than 60 varieties of mineral. Measuring 8km long and 3km wide, this little rock has 17 villages steeped in Breton charm, and is home to 2,200 Groisillons all year round. From the moment you disembark at Port Tudy, you can feel the uniqueness of this land of history. And on Groix, it's nature that gives the island its distinctive character. It's here that you'll find Europe's only convex beach, shales of surprising hues and the blue glaucophone stone found nowhere else but... Greenland!

Natural sites

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Cultural heritage

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The beaches

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The walks

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