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Cultural and historic heritage

Much to explore on the Île de Groix

A treasure of mineralogy, the Île de Groix and its 17 villages also boast a superb cultural and historic heritage. Port Tudy, a former tuna fishing port (from 1870 to 1940, the island was the number one tuna fishing port in France), still holds a vital link with the continent, as evidenced by the arrival of shipping, fishing and pleasure boats. The trek to Le Bourg provides lovely views of its beautiful ship-owners’ houses and the “Cinéma des Familles” picturehouse with its façades decorated by Italian artists. Also explore a range of shops and services as you walk along the streets surrounding the church whose bell tower is topped with a weathervane shaped like a tuna.

Things to see and do
The Musée de Groix near the hotel (open from April to September) is dedicated to the heritage and history of island life. Meanwhile, the Maison de Kerlard is characteristic of a traditional island homestead, complete with a threshing floor and vegetable garden on the street side, a garden intended for potato cultivation on the side of the Port Saint Nicolas valley, a one-room dwelling part coated with aerial lime, a stable, and an attic. There are also the washhouses and fountains dotted around the island that pay homage to numerous legends and beliefs, as well as the lighthouses of Pen Men and the Pointe des Chats. Last but not least are the many sacred sites, including the Saint-Tudy Church in Le Bourg, the Sainte-Anne Chapel in La Trinité, the Notre-Dame Chapel in Le Méné, the Notre-Dame de Plasmanec Chapel in Locmaria, the Saint-Léonard Chapel in Quelhuit, as well as various menhirs and dolmens from pagan times.