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Ty Mad: History

“He who sees Groix sees glory” could be the motto of people besotted by this wild island.

You do not have to venture to some outpost in the middle of the Pacific to feel a world away from the daily grind. Rather, in the Atlantic, a mere four nautical miles off the coast of southern Brittany, there lies a beautiful little island full of character and free of everyday hassle: GROIX.

If you set off from Lorient and spend just 45 minutes crossing the channel known as Les Courreaux de Groix, passing a roadstead, citadel, navigational markers and waterways, you will arrive in Port Tudy, the island’s main port, where yachts have taken the place of the fishing boats of yore.

Welcome to the unique island of Groix.

It may be less than an hour from the mainland but Groix is so refreshingly different that it will infuse you with an energy and a sense of well-being that will sustain you long after your return from your holiday. Its island climate is uplifting and invigorating, its light extraordinary and its magnificent beaches of golden white sand utterly blissful, not least “Les Grands Sables”, a convex beach like no other in Europe. The crystal clear water is a paradise for divers and its hiking trails an incomparable treat for ramblers, while no one can fail to admire the island’s unique geographic features, the fishing villages with their quaint and colourful houses and the diversity of Groix’s flora and fauna, most of which lie in the Natura 2000 protected area..

The history of the hotel building

The building was erected more than a century ago as the beautiful residence of a Groix family and for several years, from 1928 to 1933, it served as the home of the owners of the adjoining canning factory (which has since been transformed into an ecomuseum). It later became the residence of a family of wine merchants before being bought in 1966 by the parents of the current owner and being converted, in 1973, into a hotel. It was extended in 1992. In 2005 the current owner, who hitherto worked in her restaurant, “Les Courreaux” – a favourite of gourmet lovers – , took up the baton and resolved to carry on her family’s proud tradition of offering warm and pleasant hospitality, further enhancing the comfort of the rooms and environment. It is now the best hotel on the island, making the most of its exquisite location on the Port Tudy quays with a masterful view of the whole marina.

What does the hotel look like now?

You will spot the beautiful large white building straight after you arrive in Port Tudy, as it stands as if greeting you between the two roads leading to the centre of the island. Its location just 150 metres from the landing stage is a real blessing for anyone intending to head around the island on foot. As you head down the main quay you will notice, tucked behind the bright pink hydrangeas of its courtyard, the splendid mansion that is now TY MAD hotel and restaurant. TY MAD means “The Good House” in Breton. The owner/manager is dedicated to providing you with a pleasant and cosy place to stay during your holiday or business trip and will be delighted to welcome you.

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In an invigorating and uplifting island setting, we provide you with high-quality accommodation, catering and conference facilities, making it an ideal venue for you to host seminars, business meetings, training courses, product launches or team-bonding and motivational exercises and so on.

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