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How do I get my deposit back if I have to cancel my stay?

Our terms for cancellation, except in cases of force majeure (unforeseen and inevitable external events), are as follows:

  • 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date, the deposit (one night / room) will be refunded minus handling charges (€20).
  • Within 30 days prior to scheduled arrival date, late cancellation penalty (one night / room) will be kept
  • 7 days prior to scheduled arrival date: total amount of initial stay (accommodation part) will be kept.
  • 4 days or fewer prior to the scheduled arrival date, the hotel will keep total amounbt of reservation if your stay is partially or fully cancelled, as per the provisions of Article 1590 of the Civil Code: “All guarantees paid will be retained by the hotel”.
  • Curtailed stay: If you leave early, you will be invoiced for the amount of your initial stay as compensation.
  • No modification is allowed within 30 days prior scheduled arrival date
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In an invigorating and uplifting island setting, we provide you with high-quality accommodation, catering and conference facilities, making it an ideal venue for you to host seminars, business meetings, training courses, product launches or team-bonding and motivational exercises and so on.

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