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Category Prestations Price No VAT/PERS/DAY VAT / PERS / DAY Links.
Study day From 9am to 5pm 50.00€ 55€ Study day
Confort Half residential 100,00€ 110€ Confort Half residential
Residential 118,18€ 130€ Confort residential
Découverte Half Residential 109,09€ 120€ Découverte Half Residential
Residential 127,27€ 140€ Découverte residential
Supplements wines / meals 5,00€ 6€ Equipment rooms options supplements
Rental equipment 23,87€ 26€
Single room 32,00€ 35€
Room sea view 32,00€ 35€
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Package deals

  • Study days: This package ensures you can hold your conferences or meetings in the best conditions, as we provide Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, note pads and audiovisual equipment.
  • Residential or semi-residential seminars: these packages are specially designed for events where guests stay over and are intended to deliver the highest satisfaction to your teams.
  • For further information or quote or booking requests, please contact us :

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In an invigorating and uplifting island setting, we provide you with high-quality accommodation, catering and conference facilities, making it an ideal venue for you to host seminars, business meetings, training courses, product launches or team-bonding and motivational exercises and so on.

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