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Leisure activities on the island

Just some of the places to discover
Here are some places that we recommend you visit during your stay at Ty Mad.

The market place

This is the hub where the islanders get together to talk about the latest news. The weather vane on top of the clock features a tuna rather than the traditional cock, reminding visitors that Groix was once France’s leading port for tuna fishing.

Port Lay

This charming little port on the island’s northern coast saw enormous maritime traffic when the tuna and sardine canning factory was thriving. France’s first fisheries school was set up in Port Lay before it became an acclaimed school for cruise sailing. The Groix International Island Film Festival (FIFIG) holds its celebration of cinema here every year.

Pointe de Pen men

One of Europe’s most powerful lighthouses (its light carries 30 nautical miles, or 55km) is perched amid this splendid wild coast (coastal heaths and abrupt cliffs). This is a paradise for the numerous marine birds that nest here.

Saint Nicolas port

This deep glen is magnificent in all seasons – pink in the spring and dark reddish in autumn. It looks down on a ria that has two entry points and offers a natural shelter to the numerous boats that can cast anchor without a care except when there is a westerly wind.

Le Trou de l’Enfer (“The Hole of Hell”)

The deep chink in a dizzying cliff is spectacular in rough weather. Forbidding and mysterious it has a prominent role in many of the island’s legends.


This was the most populated village on the island until Port Tudy took off in the 1880s. A maze of alleys runs through it and it features several traditional clothes wash-places and fountains.

Les Grands Sables beach

This is one of very few convex beaches in Europe and it has shifted site several times over the years. It currently lies more than 350 metres from where it was prior to 1990.

Ile de Groix




In an invigorating and uplifting island setting, we provide you with high-quality accommodation, catering and conference facilities, making it an ideal venue for you to host seminars, business meetings, training courses, product launches or team-bonding and motivational exercises and so on.

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