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Good reasons to come to GROIX

GROIX in brief

  • Surface area: 1,482 ha
  • Length: 8km (4.32 nautical miles)
  • Width: 3km (1.62 nautical miles)
  • Population: 2,318 residents
  • What residents are called in French: Groisillons
  • Distance from the mainland: 7.5km (4 nautical miles)
  • Distance from Lorient ferry terminal: 15km (8 nautical miles)
  • Crossing time: 45 minutes

Good reasons to come to GROIX

  • To escape from everyday hassle in the time it takes to complete a short crossing
  • To recharge your batteries by unwinding in a stress-free setting
  • To get lungs full of fresh air and savour the scents, colours and views of a sublime landscape
  • To admire the fascinating natural light show staged by the rising and setting sun.
  • To wander along coastal trails on which each turn offers a sumptuous panorama
  • Forget about your troubles on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the famous convex-shaped Les Grands Sables
  • To take a leisurely bike ride around the island and discover an array of colourful fishermen’s houses
  • To tickle your taste buds with gourmet meals that showcase the delights of seafood
  • To take life easy by letting the day flow to the soundtrack of the horn signalling the toing and froing of the Groix boat.
  • To enjoy the pure pleasures of life by sipping a drink with friends on “Les Garçons du Port” terrace
  • To watch the last boat leave as you relish the tranquillity of life on Groix
  • To sleep peacefully in a comfortable bed in TY MAD hotel, with the songs of the sea birds and the gentle swish of the surf
  • And, when the time to leave comes, to fantasise about coming back to relive your unique experiences.
Ile de Groix




In an invigorating and uplifting island setting, we provide you with high-quality accommodation, catering and conference facilities, making it an ideal venue for you to host seminars, business meetings, training courses, product launches or team-bonding and motivational exercises and so on.

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